The Lucitones Leave a Mark


WHITEFISH — It’s not every day that a band comes along reminding all who listen that at one time there were greats among us, pushing forward with sound, thrashing, raising the tension in the room with heavy guitar riffs and throated squeals. There used to be iconic dive bars and clubs which primarily featured the non-mainstream, the outcasts, those who knew better than to live up to the status-quo. When CBGB was founded in the early ‘70s it immediately became inundated with bands such as The Ramones and The Cramps, a hotbed for punk music and the continually unimpressed alternatives that rapidly swept through the dregs of New York City. Now, over 40 years later, it is startling to think that same tradition has been kept alive and in Montana.

DSCN5824.jpgThe Whitefish, MT band The Lucitones embody what has long been considered the pariah of musical tastes: punk. And although they play a mix of rock, punk, and psychobilly, they know something that most music aficionados are unwilling to accept, and that is punk is the revolutionary art form, one which brings together the disenfranchised in order to stand up to the mechanized folly of conformists. There is nothing ordinary about The Lucitones; from their unique combination of heavy chords and intermittent harmonies, to Elliott Abbott’s choice of upright bass, the mold has been broken. But it’s this combination of like-minded musicians, and beer connoisseurs, that really make the Lucitones a spectacle of noise and innovation.

What’s equally interesting about The Lucitones is their love of music coincides with their love of beer. Guitarist and lead vocalist Roger Fingar is a brewer for Great Northern Brewing Company, while drummer Matt Lawlor is an accomplished homebrewer. Practices usually include excited back-and-forth banter regarding which beers are new and alluring, along with what Matt the mad scientist has currently concocted. Good Medicine from Great Northern Brewing Company and Single Hop from Bitteroot Brewing are imbibed with frequency, and during shows a sessionable beer like Wheatfish is considered, or, as Roger attributes to Kenny Stiffler, beer gifted from generous attendees called freeBR (often PBR) is one of the most appreciated contributions of the night.

The Lucitones: Elliott Abbott, Matt Lawlor and Roger Fingar

Besides being professionals away from the band, The Lucitones recently released their debut full-length album in June, which was recorded in Denver, CO at The Crashpad Studio, and they also plan on beginning a southwest tour early 2018 in San Antonio, where their record label is based. Their debut album is available to stream on all major platforms, and any additional information can be retrieved at as well as album purchases. The band is also fortunate enough to articulate their doggedness into a Kickstarter to help fund their debut album, and they hand print all their shirts while bassist Elliott Abbott provides the artwork.

Elliott and Roger

The Flathead Valley is known to contain both talented musicians and micro beer addicts alike and is a melting pot for gifted residents to enjoy more than just emaciated contentment of rural life. The Lucitones embody this inimitable ferociousness, an eagerness to put forth an unbridled passion for their music into the community they live in, a community that is better because of them. Just a small listen to their music will get you off your chair and on your feet. It will leave you reminiscing for the old days, the days when music was more than the coupling of notes and instead of a reason to stand tall and take action. Even if that action is ordering another round of beers.

The Lucitones – “Self-titled” 2017 CD


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