Out and About with Don & LuAnn

We have been doing some traveling to breweries again in the past several weeks.

We tend to head to Hamilton area once a month to visit family and friends. Bandit Brewing in Darby is always a nice stop. When it is cool outside they light their wood burning stove to take the chill out. Paul is always a good host keeping us supplied with popcorn and beer. I love that they bottle their beer now and seal the caps in wax to preserve freshness. Like beer would ever get old in my place!


#Cowgirls are Always Welcome @#BanditBrewingCo.”!!
Tie up your Horses up at our #HitchingPost &#WetYourWhistle with delicious #BanditBeer!#ImmenselyDrinkableBeer #Darby #Montana
feeling fabulous at Bandit Brewing Co.

Bitter Root Brewing and Higherground Brewing in Hamilton are also great stops. Bitterroot has a great Oktoberfest and food, too. I enjoy their wings, but this last time I enjoyed the fish. They have an awesome chef who is very aware of food allergies and was willing to visit your table to recommend gluten free options for one in our group and he was very polite. Higherground has excellent pizza to complement their beers. The Ease Golden Ale is one of my favorites. I recommend both places for food and beverages.



We checked out the newest Bozeman brewery, Mountains Walking. They are just getting started and only had a couple beers on tap when we were there, but had another 5+ in fermentation. We really enjoyed the 3 they had, Junegrass, Grazing Clouds, & Here Friend. And they had non-alcoholic beverages, Ginger Tumeric Kombouelia, Stumptown Brew, and Raspberry Hotlips Soda. They also have a kitchen serving food; appetizers, salads, sandwiches and pizza.


Mountains Walking 2017-10-06 15.13.35.jpg

We also got to the new brewery in Anaconda, Smelter City. We had flights so that we could sample them all and all 11 were great! We had to take a growler of Stacktoberfest along with us. They have a really cool old bar & back bar that they had brought in. Can’t remember where they said it came from. You will just have to go there and check it out. They have local entertainment Monday thru Friday.


Smelter City 2017-09-15 16.33.02.jpg

Smelter City 2017-09-15 16.42.51.jpg

This past weekend we headed to Great Falls area. First stop was Harvest Moon Brewery in Belt. I totally enjoyed visiting with them. I always love the Charlie Russell Red. They had a new one; WuttaMelon Wheat Ale. I love it, it is very popular and they also bottle it to take along.  Check out their website, also.

Photo Oct 18, 12 30 08 PM.jpg

Harvest Moon 2017-10-20 12.01.48.jpg

2017-10-22 18.02.40.jpg

Then headed to Black Eagle, The Front and Mighty Mo. They all have great food to go with their beers. Black Eagle has a few new brews for me. Wit Bier and Lemon Grass Cream Ale. They were both very good. I took along some of the cream ale for later. The Front has their Oktoberfest which is very good. They will can your choices in their 2 options of crowlers, a flat top and a cone top. I took along a crowler of Oktoberfest and another of the vanilla porter. The patrons that I was visiting with had some very good looking burgers they were enjoying.

Black Eagle  2017-10-20 12.53.31.jpg

Black Eagle  2017-10-20 12.53.28.jpg
Black Eagle

Photo Oct 18, 5 34 05 PM.jpg

2017-10-22 18.03.08.jpg

The Front  2017-10-20 13.55.12.jpg

The Front  2017-10-20 13.55.37-1.jpg

Photo Oct 18, 4 31 06 PM.jpg

On to Mighty Mo. Their pizza is awesome. Many families were enjoying the food and beverages. I totally enjoyed the Peanut Butter Porter, I wasn’t too sure when I ordered it, but I love it. Coconut Brown is also very good.

We really enjoy the people that frequent microbreweries here in Montana. We have many good conversations and experiences.

By Don and LuAnn Schrauth

Thanks for reading about our travels; we hope you enjoy our blog!


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